Hart Consulting
Providing research, program evaluation, and consulting to help organizations be better at what they do


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Areas of Practice


Our clients rely on us to provide accurate research and actionable reporting to help them be better at what they do. From designing your study to translating data into custom results, we use our expertise to help you succeed.

Our team conducts and coordinates both qualitative and quantitative research and has access to various subject matter experts for study design, data collection, implementation, and publication.

Program Evaluation

Our team uses an inclusive, participatory approach to develop, implement, and reflect on program evaluation. We believe our clients are the most knowledgeable about project stakeholders, program design, and local implementation.

Our job is to work with the client team to facilitate the program review, data collection, and analysis to provide insights for program improvement. We listen, we learn, and we leverage client knowledge along with our skills and experience to develop and implement a meaningful evaluation and assessment.

FACILITATION & consulting

Our team is available for facilitation services such as focus groups, community forums, stakeholder engagement sessions, one-on-one interviews, and other qualitative data collection methods that are tailored to meet a client’s specific project needs.

We are available for consultation at any stage or can be a part of the project team from beginning to end. Bring us in to help navigate the ins and outs of grant proposals, program design, and process management.


Program Evaluation

program coordination

Process and Meeting Facilitation

Strategic Planning


Grant Proposal Consultation

Community Needs Assessments

program communications

Technical Assistance